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There are a variety of housing arrangements for families, couples and unaccompanied personnel. Your employer will make your housing assignment based on a number of factors, including the status of your contract (accompanied or unaccompanied), the size of your family, and the availability of quarters.

Housing receives interior rehab between tenants in addition to emergency and routine maintenance. The rehab usually includes interior painting, window washing and appliance/floor cleaning.

Housing occupants are responsible for the care and upkeep of their yards. The Self-Help office will deliver and pick-up lawn mowers and has all the necessary garden tools. For home repair, Self-Help also lends small tools, such as hammers, wrenches, saws and drills.

Unaccompanied Personnel

Personnel with unaccompanied contracts are assigned to bachelor quarters that are similar to dormitory style rooms. These unaccompanied personnel housing (UPH) rooms vary slightly in size and style, but all are air-conditioned, carpeted and furnished with basic furniture items including: a twin-size bed, nightstand, desk, chair, bookcase and small refrigerator. All UPH rooms have a small kitchenette space that can accommodate a few small appliances. Micro-wave ovens, air-convection ovens without exposed heating elements, coffeepots, crock pots, pop-up toasters, George Foreman grills, slow cookers (including rice and hot-air cookers) and bread makers are allowed in UPH rooms. Fire regulations prohibit the use of appliances with open heating elements (hot plates, toaster ovens, electric frying pans/woks) in UPH facilities. Contact your sponsor for more information about your specific room assignment. There are free laundry facilities in each build-ing. As an unaccompanied employee living in bachelor quarters, you will be given a meal card for Café Pacific Dining Room.

Accompanied Personnel

Personnel with accompanied contracts are assigned to houses. These family housing (FH) units vary in size and style, but all are air-conditioned and outfitted with basic furniture items. The FH unit that you are assigned to will depend on the size of your family and the availability of quarters at the time of your arrival. Ac-companied personnel are typically assigned to houses if they are available.

Most houses are concrete construction with cement-block interior walls, single bath with a small tub/shower combination and have two or three bedrooms. All two-bedroom houses are a two-story townhouse type structure. Some three-bedroom units are single-story and some are two-story. Amenities vary, but all houses are equipped with refrigerators, upright freezers, electric ranges, washers and dryers. Some units have mini-blinds, carpeting, dishwasher and a garbage disposal. Contact your sponsor for specific information about your assigned quarters.

Hospitality Kit

Accompanied personnel will find a hospitality kit in their quarters for use until their house-hold shipment arrives. In it will be plates, cups, saucers, bowls, glasses, silverware, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, coffee pot, toaster, sheets, towels, pillows and blankets. Residents of bachelor quarters are provided linens and pillows only.

Residents can call the Furniture Warehouse to borrow an iron, ironing board and a crib, if needed. When your household shipment arrives, call the Furniture Warehouse for pick up of your hospitality kit.